Arthropod course participants visit Symbiosis campus

The participants of the arthropod courses got an opportunity to visit the lovely campus of Symbiosis International University at Lavale, near Pune. This was facilitated by Shilpa Avate, the biodiversity officer at Symbiosis, an avid bird watcher and nature enthusiast herself. She is also the author of the recently published book ‘Fauna of Symbiosis University’.

The campus is spread over an area of 335 acres in the foothills of Sahyadri. It still maintains quite a bit of native flora and fauna. The visit at the tail end of monsoon season presented an opportunity to observe the wonder insect and arthropod fauna of these lands. The highlight of the day were the amazing praying mantis, stick insects, paper wasps building its nest, an ootheca (egg case) of a praying mantis and numerous butterflies. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Dr. Sharma A stick insect decides to explore Dr. Sharma’s hand! Photo by Rajgopal Patil.

Leopard butterfly The lovely Leopard butterfly. Photo by Rajgopal Patil.

Wasp Haunting eyes of a Robberfly. Photo by Rajgopal Patil

Paper wasp A paper wasp busy on its nest. Photo by Vijay Deshmukh

Jewel Beetle A pretty jewel beetle. Photo by Sushil Behere.

Spider web An intricate web around the flower. Photo by Rajgopal Patil.

Dragonfly eyes Such eyes! A close look at a dragonfly. Photo by Vijay Deshmukh.

Moth Moth are beautiful too! Photo by Chaitrali Gore.

Dr. Bastawade Dr. Bastawade engrossed in his subject. Photo by Sushil Behere.

Mantis Ootheca A mantid ootheca. Photo by Sushil Behere.

Moth caterpillar Close look at a moth caterpillar. Photo by Rajgopal Patil.

Rufous Treepie A Rufous treepie decides to watch us! Photo by Vijay Deshmukh.

Group photo The group.