Beyond Birding: Certificate course in introductoy ornithology! Starts on 23rd November 2018


Jointly organised by
S.N.D.T. Home Science College
Institute of Natural History Education and Research (INHER)

  • An opportunity to deepen your birding knowledge and take your hobby to a higher level.

  • A weekend course by eminent researchers and experts

  • More than 20 classroom sessions covering all key concepts and ornithology topics

  • 2 field sessions with experts

Only a limited number of seats are available. Register quickly to avail of early bird discount. Also additional discount for students (current valid educational institute ID necessary).

Course charges

Early Bird Rs 3500 (Students Rs 3000). Avail by 18th November 2018.
Regular    Rs 4000 (Students Rs 3500)

Student discount is available only to the full time students of any educational streams of universities and colleges. Also they must have a current valid educational institute ID.

Key Information

Course Dates: November 23, 24 & 25 
              December 1,2,8,9,15 & 16 (Saturday & Sundays)
Timings: Saturdays 6pm-9pm and Sundays 8:30am-1pm
Talks will be held at: S.N.D.T. Home Science College, Karve Road, near Nal Stop, Pune.


Dr. Vishwas SawarkarDr. Anil Mahabal
Dr. Sushama Thatte Dr. Anand Padhye
Narendra Naidu Chandrashekhar Bapat
Rajgopal Patil Dr. Pramod Joglekar
Dr. Mandar Datar Anil Khaire
Dr. Gaurav Pardeshi Dr. Aseem Auti


  • History of Indian ornithology
  • The flight of birds and their adaptation
  • Roosting behaviour and communal displays
  • Breeding strategies
  • Nesting and parental care
  • Food and feeding behaviour
  • Bird migration
  • Birds and their habitats
  • Colour aberrations in birds
  • Bird calls and songs
  • Flightless birds
  • Avian diseases and first aid
  • Birds in our past (Avian archeology)
  • Interaction with plants
  • Bird photography
  • Ex-situ conservation
  • In-situ conservation


You can register at the admistrative office, S.N.D.T. Home Science College,
Karve Road, Pune between 10:30am and 4:30pm.

Alternative registration facility: 
Insearch Outdoors, C-26/9, Ketan Heights, Rahul Nagar Lane, Near Karve
Statue, Kothrud, Pune between 10:30am and 6pm.


9850826431 (Srushti) 9850818448 (Asmita)