Institute of Natural History Education and Research (INHER), India is a registered trust for scientists, researchers and members of general public who are interested in natural history and related topics about the natural world and its conservation.

The society has been set up with following objectives:

  • To set up research platform and expertise in the field of Natural History, to the aspiring undergraduate & post graduate students, teachers and naturalists.
  • To conduct research programs in the field of Natural History, Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Field Biology, Ecology and Nature Conservation.
  • To establish research and educational collaborations with other similar institutes.
  • To set up, establish state of art laboratory for research work being conducted by the Institute.
  • To conduct educational programs and courses related to the Natural History, Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Field Biology, Ecology and Nature Conservation for (i) Common people (ii) School Children (iii) Biology students in colleges.
  • To conduct Environment Education Camps for rural children as extension activity.
  • To conduct need based training programs for the public at large.
  • To establish, support, maintain libraries, reading rooms, museums, Interpretation Centers, field station or other institution/s established for public for the promotion of environmental sciences and natural history or for the encouragement of scientific research, invention and design for public benefit.
  • To study Indian fauna and flora so as to complete and revise the faunal and floral taxonomy.
  • To print and publish, undertake, manage and carry on any Newsletters, Journals, pamphlets, books, field guides, magazines, periodicals and such other publications in connection with the main objects of the institute.
  • Generally to do all such other lawful acts, deeds or things as are incidental or conducive to attainment of any/or all of the above aims and objects of the Institute.